Athletes, dancers and other performers are especially demanding on their body engines.  Terri works to meet their goals for a competitive edge.  A well-oiled machine can achieve greater feats of strength without risk of injury.


As a current Division 1 college track and field runner at UC Davis, I have suffered from a string of injuries including: multiple hamstring strains, shin splints, shoulder problems and more. Working with Terri is very beneficial to my fast recoveries and continued success. Terri works with the weaker muscles around problem areas to activate and strengthen your body as a whole. She improves not only what is wrong with me, but helps me to prevent further injuries by integrating her work with improving my flexibility and balancing my entire body. The work she does is FANTASTIC and unlike what I have experienced from many other body workers.

-Josh Churila
U.C. Davis Track Team

I was a competitive gymnast for 16 years, which left me with chronic neck pain and horrible ankle problems. I had been to many doctors and chiropractors, anything to get the pain to go away. Unlike any other doctor I’d seen, Terri was more focused on the body as a whole, not just the places where I had pain. I have never felt the same magnitude of relief, as I have with Terri Fuchs. She knows exactly how to look at the whole picture to find the overarching problems that simultaneously affect all my smaller pains. Terri spends time with every client to find the root of their problems instead of focusing on minor issues. I cannot convey in words, how much Terri Fuchs has contributed to my health. Her passion for her work, and knowledge in her field, make her one of the most effective message therapists I’ve ever met.

-Amanda Holmes