Show Your Stuff



Performers need to express themselves with everything they have.  A balanced body will communicate much more.

Injury? Go Deeper


Terri diagnoses aches and pains quickly, and applies proven therapeutic massage techniques that speed up recovery time.

Keep on Top


Equestrians who keep their bodies balanced have greater agility, suppleness and strength.  That means they can keep up with their horse–no matter what happens.

Just do it.


Joy seekers can minimize risk by keeping their bodies honed for action.  Balanced energy means the mind and reflexes respond better too.

Defy Age


Active seniors can summon energy and get rid of limiting aches and pains with Terri’s healing hands.  She uses advanced techniques to help un-freeze joints and maintain agile muscles.

Get Up & Go Again



Weekend Warriors use their bodies hard, and are likely unaware of the pitfalls of over-use and not warming up.  During periods of inactivity, Terri recommends routine stretching exercises based on Yoga principles.  Make sure your body is ready to get up & go when you are.


Competitive Edge


Professional and amateur athletes can balance and improve the energy pathways in their bodies with deep tissue massage.  Terri knows the special needs of the athletic body.

Climb Higher


If your life depends on upper body strength, then it’s best to stay on top of it.  Routine muscle maintenance that’s focused on balance is a must.