Injury Rehabilitation

Injury is a bummer, however the body can heal itself in surprizing and sometimes miraculous ways.  Deep tissue massage can help accelerate the process by re-balancing your healing energies and re-aligning muscles with the skeletal frame for greater range of motion.  Don’t let your get-up & go, get up and go!

Recovery Planning with Terri

High school sports injuries can come back to haunt us as we get older.  People are often unaware of such emerging pain, until one day they can’t move a shoulder, knee, hip, etc., and the pain keeps them from performing usual daily activities.

Each one of us is wholly unique in mind, body and spirit.  Terri customizes her application of skills to strengthen the physical connection and optimize the healing process for every individual.


“After numerous knee injuries over 45 years I was left with almost constant pain, loss of range of motion, and a constant (noticeable) limp and knee swelling.
As a janitor by trade, climbing stairs and using a ladder was becoming almost impossible at times.
When I discovered Chi Balm my life changed dramatically. Within 2 days of using Chi Balm my pain was nearly non-existent, my limp was diminished, and I was able to do my job. It has been nothing short of a miracle. And no more pain-killing drugs!.”

 -Steve Nelson Marin County, CA

“Terri is one of those very rare, intuitive bodyworkers who combines her highly developed mastery of the human body with her ability to tune into your core issues. She goes beyond addressing the symptoms, finding & treating the source with acute sensitivity to diagnose & treat.”

 -Jaime Ordóñez Art Director

I’ve had massage therapists from all over the world and Terri Fuchs is the most knowledgeable therapist Iv’e ever worked with. She fixed things that were bad for years and she knew exactly how to find the problems, work on them, and solve them. Do a session with this woman and you will see her prowess as a person who can get your body working better in every way.

– Chet Holmes
#1 Selling author of The Ultimate Sales Machine